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Thursday, February 12, 2009

No Ozzfest this year

In a recent update to the Ozzfest site, this bombshell was dropped:

"The two-time Grammy Award winner has decided that he will not be touring until he has a new album in-stores (currently projected to be Thanksgiving 2009). Thus, OZZY has decided to put his namesake festival OZZFEST on hold this year."

This is after multiple interviews with Ozzy and Sharon confirming that there will be an '09 Ozzfest and after they put up a survey about who we'd like to see perform at Ozzfest 2009 (which, ironically, is still up).

Ozzy wants another album already? I think we'd all prefer a good Ozzfest tour than another sub-par rock album from the aging rocker.

The icing on the cake, though, is that the next sentence in the announcement is this: "
In the meantime, if you need an OZZY fix you can watch him with Sharon, Kelly and Jack on the "first family of rock's" return to television. THE OSBOURNES: RELOADED is set to launch this spring on Fox TV."

I believe that now Hot Topic has cares more about music that Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne now.

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