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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Nile -- Lawrence, KS -- March 28th, 2012

An almost perfect show with near perfect sets from every band on the bill tonight. Pure death metal bliss.

First up was Gornography, who is rapidly climbing my personal list of favorite local bands. They are so stupidly heavy it's not even funny. Pure brutal deathgrind, they'll break your neck thirteen times over throughout their set. Their set closer, Lakes of Blood, actually might be the heaviest live song I've ever heard, local band or not. Oh my God, dude. Dude.

Visions Of Gore
Homicidal Maniac
Leech Filled Cunt
Spinal Fuck Fest
Intoxicated Abortion
Vomitous Vaginal Anal Deathmachine
Pissing Blood
Lakes Of Blood

Next up was local death metal veterans Marasmus. They've got their brand of death metal down to a science and they just completely rip through every song without a second thought. Shut The Fuck Up is so much fun, and the band seriously rips. Can't wait to hear the new album.

Set included:

Caskets Made of Ivory
Mountains Of Dead
Shut The Fuck Up And Die
Modes of Vitriol

I had never really listened to Hour of Penance before tonight, but I'm definitely going to start now. They won me over based only on their absolutely crushing live show. The sound could have been a little better, but they were super enthusiastic and played their hearts out. I think I might like them more than any other Italian death metal band I've heard now! Awesome stuff.

Sedition Through Scorn
Absence of Truth
Incestuous Dynasty of Worms
Slavery in a Deaf Decay
Incontrovertible Doctrines
Decimate the Ancestry of the Only God

Nile. Man, what can I say? They were flawless. They were having so much fun on stage and the crowd was eating it up. Karl Sanders is a master of the guitar and the back-and-forth solofest during Cast Down The Heretic was just about the best thing I've ever seen. Went nuts during Kafir!, Sacrifice Unto Sebek and Lashed to the Slave Stick. So good. I'll always go out of my way to see Nile as many times as I can.

Sacrifice Unto Sebek
Hittite Dung Incantation
Serpent Headed Mask
Execration Text
Supreme Humanism of Megalomania (new)
Papyrus Containing the Spell to Preserve Its Possessor Against Attacks from He Who Is in the Water
Permitting the Noble Dead to Descend to the Underworld
Cast Down the Heretic
Lashed to the Slave Stick
Black Seeds of Vengeance

Gornography: 9/10
Marasmus: 8.5/10
Hour of Penance: 9/10
Nile: 9.5/10

La Dispute -- Lawrence, KS -- March 27th, 2012

I had never really listened to any of the bands tonight before, except for maybe a few plays of La Dispute's side of their split with Touche Amore. But they definitely made a fan out of me tonight! Most of the bands tonight put on exceptional shows.

The first band was Sainthood Reps, and they were a great opening band. They played the kind of music you'd associate with this tour: emotive post-hardcore, but they did it with a lot of intensity. It was their guitarists birthday, too! Woohoo!

The second band, All Get Out, I actually liked a bit more than the other opening bands. They had a more rock and roll sound and at times reminded me a lot of Taking Back Sunday or old Weezer. Most of their songs were really intricate with a lot of emotion. Pretty awesome.

The one band I kind of didn't like was the last opening band, Balance and Composure. I'm not sure if it's because they had three opening bands of if it was just the uninspired performance they put on, they just didn't seem to be having a lot of fun on stage and it carried over to their performance. The aforementioned 3 guitars created a wall of sound that kind of made every song sound the same. Meh. Could've been a lot better.

La Dispute was really refreshing and full of energy and put on a great impassioned show. For some reason, I was stuck in a bias against them for so long (even for the first few songs of their set) that La Dispute was good, but not anywhere near as amazing as Touche Amore. The band played the first few songs and the crowd really liked it and the band looked like they were having fun, but when they brought out "New Storms For Old Lovers" as their first old song, the Jackpot went ballistic and catapulted every aspect of the performance into the stratosphere. I stopped trying to compare them to other bands and really enjoyed their set. Their vocalist is very emotional and went into the crowd a few times to have the fans help sing. There was a lot of jumping and a few small pits and lots of screaming along - pretty much the perfect audience you could ask for at a show like this. No hardcore dancers or any moshing at all. It was awesome. Their encore was King Park and it was chillingly good. I'd definitely see them again if they come back!

Partial/out of order La Dispute set:

New Storms For Older Lovers
a Departure
Safer in the Forest/Love Song for Poor Michigan
a Broken Jar
How I Feel
Why It Scares Me
King Park

La Dispute: 8.5/10
Balance and Composure: 5/10
All Get Out: 7.5/10
Sainthood Reps: 7/10

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Danzig + Doyle = Misfits!

Woah. This is going to be an unforgettable show.

Danzig will be at the Uptown Theater on May 31st along with Doyle and they'll be performing a Misfits set! I'm sure it'll be preceded by a (surprisingly amazing) Danzig set, so it'll be a night full of horror!

May 31 is my birthday, but I won't be in town! :(

Friday, March 2, 2012

Hate Eternal -- February 29th, 2012

I had a work meeting that would've kept me from leaving until 6:00, but it got out a bit early. I made the trek to KC and saw the opening band which, to my surprise, was Decimation from Manhattan, KS. I hadn't seen them in forever. I only caught the last song and a half from them, but they sounded really tight. I hope they get on more shows in the future!

After them was Gornography. Featuring the durmmer for Troglodyte and the vocalist for Diskreet (check them out!), they play really catchy brutal death metal/grindcore. The vocalist was all over the place. He even tripped over and fell from the amps, but hopped right back up and went back in the song.
Super fun. I can't wait to see them again.

Good ol' Trog was up next. Their set was as blistering as ever, and they played a new song! It had a crazy solo in it, so I'm already looking forward to the new stuff. They had a setlist was about 15 songs on it, but they got their set cut a bit. Kinda sucks, because they were absolutely on fire that night.

By the worst stroke of luck, both Cerebral Bore and Fallujah has to drop off the tour. Cerebral Bore never made it over because they didn't have Visas, and Fallujah actually flipped their van and trailer the night before. Thankfully they're okay. Their replacement is Battlecross, who are going to be on that pretty killer Origin tour later this year. They drove straight from Michigan to play the tour. They are mostly fun thrash metal. A few breakdowns here and there, but nothing so bad as, say, Lazarus AD. The vocalist is awesome, and their bassist can rip. They had some bass solos! Really cool stuff. Can't wait to see them again.

I'm a pretty big Hate Eternal fan, so I really enjoyed them last night, but I could definitely see how some people would absolutely hate them live. And I know this is such a cop-out, but their older material translates so much better live than their newer stuff. Erik's guitar tone is just absolutely punishing. There's no room to breathe and no room to rest during a Hate Eternal show. It would be rectified if they would get a second guitarist, but I don't see that happening any time soon. No Catacombs this time, but I, Monarch and Behold Judas were especially great.

I actually didn't stay for too much of Goatwhore. I can tell you that I really like their groovy songs a bit more than the straight-up death metal attack. Alchemy Of The Black Sun Cult was the last song I saw from them, but it was fantastic. Goatwhore was the first metal band I saw live, so it was awesome. But Hate Eternal really sucked all the energy from me.

Hate Eternal (partial, out of order):

The Victorious Reign
Behold Judas
Saturated In Dejection
I, Monarch
Thorns of Acacia
Phoenix Amongst The Ashes
Haunting Abound
The Obscure Terror


Collapse in Eternal Worth
Provoking the Ritual of Death
The Black Art of Deception
In Deathless Tradition
Carving Out the Eyes of God
Sky Inferno
Alchemy of the Black Sun Cult
When Steel and Bone Meet
Judgement of the Bleeding Crown
Invert the Virgin
An End to Nothing
Apocalyptic Havoc

Battlecross (out of order/partial):

Push Pull Destroy
Man Of Stone
Breaking You


Symphonies Of Sasquatch
Bring Me The Head Of Bigfoot
Beaten And Eaten
Don't Go In The Woods
(The Only Peace In Me Is) A Piece Of You
Crippled Foot Cast (new song)
Mummified Yeti Hand
The Only Good Hippie...Is A Dead Hippie
Caught (On Super 8) (still one of the heaviest songs ever)
Hit By The Hendersons*
Fight For Your Life
They Walk Among Us*
Skunk Ape Rape*

* = On set but not played


Visions Of Gore
Homicidal Maniac
Leech Filled Cunt
Spinal Fuck Fest
Intoxicated Abortion
Vomitous Vaginal Anal Deathmachine
Pissing Blood
Saliva Soaked Shit
Contortions Of Guttural Mayhem
Lakes Of Blood

Goatwhore: 8/10
Hate Eternal: 8/10
Battlecross: 7.5/10
Troglodyte: 8.5/10
Gornography: 8/10
Decimation: n/a