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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nachtmystium - Canceled

I know this is way late, but I just got back from driving up to the Riot Room: Nachtmystium has canceled tonight. Don't go looking for a show.

Monday, September 27, 2010

We are not Japanese, we are not American, we are not even human beings! We are...


Peelander-Z is returning to Lawrence at the Replay Lounge on October 13th! Their live shows are the best in the world and include, but aren't limited to: human bowling, audience members performing their instruments, giant monsters, confetti, makeshift instruments, running outside to play, and more! If you don't attend, you're missing the most fun you'll have all year!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Upcoming Week: Hellbastard, Two Jucifer shows

Just a reminder:

Hellbastard will be at The Mouth (6th and Alabama) in Lawrence on Sept. 21 with a lot of good local bands. $8, all ages, no curfew. If you don't go to this show, you don't have any punk cred.

Jucifer is playing two shows for us this week as well. They'll be at the Replay Lounge in Lawrence on Sept. 23rd and at Davey's Uptown Rambler's Club in Kansas City on the 24th. Both shows are under $10 and they will be amazing performances.

Friday, September 10, 2010


The Black Tusk show coming up will NOT have Fu Manchu or It's Casual playing as well, instead now local bands The Cast Pattern and Hester Prynne will be opening.

More psychadelic metal landing at KC

Love 'em or hate 'em, The Sword are coming back to Kansas City after their opening set for Metallica back in 2008. I dug them, but I thought that they'd be a lot better in a smaller venue. Looks like they heard me! They'll be at the Record Bar in Kansas City on October 24th. Should be heavy!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Heavy Metal from another planet!

After a very entertaining and rocking set opening for Mastodon a few months ago, Valient Thorr will be at the Record Bar in KC for a headlining show. With them will be Howl, Junius and our very own Hammerlord! It'll be on October 3rd, a Sunday!

Where it all began - Blue Oyster Cult

At the Old Settler's Festival in Olathe on Saturday, witness one of the fathers of heavy metal! Blue Oyster Cult will be performing and it will be a free concert!

Details here:

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Troglodyte -- Kansas City, MO -- September 6th, 2010

Happy Labor Day!

First band was Chaos Interval. They're a three piece grind band with no bassist, and they definitely don't need one. Their sound was really clear and the drummer and the guitarist have some serious skills. The singer did a great job too and he was all over the place. A really fun band to watch, I hope to see them play more than a short opening set some day. 8.5/10

Set included:

Entrails Of A Dead Era

The last time I saw Marasmus was back in January opening for Nile, and they're still as heavy as ever. The vocalist sounds great and as a band, they sound a bit like Cannibal Corpse, but it's all fresh and heavy. They should open up every death metal show! 8.5/10

Set included:

Drowning In Whiskey
Gnostic Decimation
Shitting Teeth

The one let-down of the night was definitely Serated. It seems they have quite a following in and around Kansas City, but I don't get it. I just hear a Pantera/Down-sounding band and I cannot get behind clean vocals in extreme metal, especially the mid-90's James Hetfield version. The sound was pretty muddy and neither of the guitarists were anything special, but their bass player has to be one of the best I've ever seen. Dude is insane. Other than that, not much here. 6/10

Everything was perfect for Troglodyte, and it might have been the best time I've seen them. They played a ton of material, including my two favorite Trog songs. They brought out some lights and a couple of fog machines. It's almost like Bigfoot himself was performing in a swamp for us! Great stuff all around, like always. I need more Trog! 10/10

Set included:

A Piece Of Me Is A Piece Of You
Hit By The Hendersons
Skunk Ape Rape
Don't Go In The Woods...
Beyond The Valley Of The Troglodyte/Troglodyte Rises
Bite It You Scum (GG Allin cover)
Die When You Die (GG Allin cover)
Back Of The Bus (Madball cover)
The Only Good Hippie Is A Dead Hippie
Ric Flair's Hair
They Walk Among Us
Entombed Yeti Hand

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Coliseum -- Lawrence, KS -- September 1st, 2010

Sludge is a funny word. I've heard it describe bands whose music ranges from slow-down and dirty all the way to atmospheric bands that use acoustic guitars. Tonight could've been called a punk show instead of a sludge show, they both fit the music that came to Lawrence tonight.

The first band was Mansions, a local sludge/post-whatever band that was seriously one of the most boring bands I can remember. I can listen to Sleep do "Dopesmoker" for 63 minutes, but they at least have crushing riffs. The first two mansion songs were 7 - 10 minutes in length with no vocals and basically one riff repeated over and over. It wasn't even heavy. I retreated to a seat to watch a seriously fantastic Thai action flick (The Protector) and they added vocals it seemed, but it was still pretty poor. 4/10

Burning Love was next, all the way from Canada. They played to the 20-ish people at the Jackpot as if they were playing to a crowded room. Their brand of hardcore punk definitely had the aesthetics and some of the sound of rock n' roll and protopunk bands like The Stooges. I was so ecstatic to hear something different that I enjoyed their set immensely. Their bassist gave some great groovy lines that permeated their sound and made it really fun to listen to 'em. Highly recommended if you're bored of typical hardcore. 8.5/10

Burning Love set included:

The Needle
Burning Love
Don't Ever Change

Before they announced they were from Kentucky, I could have guessed Coliseum was from the southern US. There are parts of their sound that likens them to Kylesa, Torche or Mastodon, but instead of forming at a High On Fire show, they would have formed at a Black Flag show. When they weren't crushingly heavy, they would speed stuff up to where some mosh pits would break out. More crust punk than sludge, in my opinion. Great stuff and the lead guitarist/vocalist seemed really grateful we all showed up. They play around here a lot, and I'm sure people will keep coming to see them. 8.5/10

Coliseum set included:

No Benefit
This Mind Locked Inside This Body

Skipping Kansas: Suffocation

The Faceless
Through The Eyes Of The Dead
Decrepit Birth
Fleshgod Apocalypse

10/15 Worcester, MA @ The Palladium (Rock and Shock)
10/16 New York, NY @ Gramercy Theatre
10/17 Quebec City, QC @ Imperial Theater
10/18 Montreal, QC @ Foufounes
10/19 Jonquiere, QC @ Place Nikitoutagan
10/20 Toronto, ON @ Opera House
10/21 Poughkeepsie, NY @ The Chance
10/22 Detroit, MI @ Harpos
10/23 Chicago, IL @ Clearwater Theatre
10/24 St. Paul, MN @ Station 4
10/25 Milwaukee, WI @ The Rave
10/27 Denver, CO @ Summit Music Hall
10/28 Salt Lake City, UT @ TBA
10/29 Las Vegas, NV @ The Farm
10/30 Pomona, CA @ The Glasshouse
10/31 Los Angeles, CA @ The Whisky
11/1 Phoenix, AZ @ The Clubhouse
11/2 Albuquerque, NM @ Fusion Factory
11/3 Amarillo, TX @ Club Khaos
11/4 Tulsa, OK @ Marquee Theatre
11/5 Austin, TX @ Emo's
11/6 Ft. Worth, TX @ Ridglea Theatre
11/8 Tampa, FL @ Brass Mug
11/9 Jacksonville, FL @ The Pit
11/10 Raleigh, NC @ Volume 11
11/11 Philadelphia, PA @ Polaris
11/12 Springfield, VA @ Jaxx
11/13 Allentown, PA @ Crocodile Rock

Maybe we'll get an off-date with some of the bands at the Riot Room in between Milwaukee and Denver?