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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

2009 Albums: #41

This is it! The moment you've all been waiting for. From the best to the worst and everything in between. I'm starting off with just one album, the worst, so I can have a nice, even number for the rest of the list. Without further aideu...the worst CD I heard this year:

41. Dååth - The Concealers

Century Media/Roadrunner
April 20th
Highlights: Sharpen The Blades, Self-Corruption Manifesto, The Unbinding Truth

To be completely honest, this is the only album I've heard all year that I would out and out call "bad". And I feel a little remorse that it has to be Dååth, a band I was pretty happy to know about a few years ago. Unfortunately, everything that made this band semi-unique and interesting is pretty much down the drain by now. I'll start with the good on this album: Kevin Talley is the drummer! I mean, no, he's not nearly as good here as he was with Dying Fetus or Misery Index and his talent is definitely repressed by the mediocrity of the songwriting, but hey. It's Kevin Talley! What little there is improves what it can. And there's a couple of shining solos on the album as well. Out of left field is the song "The Unbinding Truth" that has a totally wild Neo-Classical solo (seriously) near the end of the song. It's unexpectedly awesome. But what talent is peeked at there is stored away for the rest of the album.

Dååth was a fun band that was equal parts industrial and death metal, and I really did enjoy their album The Hinderers. However, it's almost as if this album is made by a completely different band. Their sound is about as death metal now as Trivium is. In fact, the Trivium metalcore sound is alive and well all over these tracks. Pseudo-breakdowns, uninspired riffing, and the new vocalist would be much more at home with a hardcore band. And forget about anything "industrial" or interesting except for a few seconds on about two tracks where a keyboards breaks through before being cast back into the shadows. And then there's a completely useless, almost "techno" sounding track near the end of the album. Embarassing.

Next post will be 40 - 35!

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