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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Toxic Holocaust -- Kansas City, MO -- November 23rd, 2010

Great show from Joel and the boys, though it was really, really short. I think they barely just played for a half hour, but they did manage to squeeze a lot of songs in. It took a couple of songs to get the crowd kicked in, but I was headbanging and singing along to a lot of songs. I think I was the only person who knew all the lyrics to War Is Hell! Would love to see them again on a headlining tour, not just an off-date.

Setlist included:

Metal Attack
Summon The Beast
Reaper's Grave
Death Brings Death
War Is Hell
Bitch (New Song)
Lord Of The Wasteland
Nuke The Cross
Wild Dogs

Vanlade opened and slayed. Sounded even better than before. Koktopus played afterwards, but I was illegally parked so I didn't get to see 'em. Fun, but cold, night!

Toxic Holocaust: 8.5/10
Vanlade: 8/10


awakening said...

dude. just stumbled on your blog, about the only thing i could find regarding any sort of metal scene in kansas city. just moved here a few months ago from chicago and trying to dig up info on record stores, shows, etc. any good spots or sites to check out?

Mankvill said...

Hey, welcome to KC! For shows, I use the venue's websites (google Jackpot Saloon, Bottleneck, Granada, Beaumont Club, Record Bar, Replay Lounge, Uptown Theater, etc.)

I also check out and the events there to find more. If you're more into the DIY side of things, there's

And, of course, any big/good one's I hear about, I'll post here. :D