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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Shows for the rest of the year!

A few new shows were announced, so here's what I have for the rest of the year:

Converge w/ Coalesce, Torche, Kvelerat @ Granada on 10/20
GWAR w/ Cattle Decapitation, Legacy of Disorder, Troglodyte, Moire @ Beaumont Club on 10/30
OFF! w/ The Spits, Double Negative @ Record Bar on 10/31
Skeletonwitch w/ Havok, Mutilation Rites, Troglodyte @ Granada on 11/10
Dethklok w/ Machine Head, All That Remains, The Black Dahlia Murder @ Midland Theater on 11/17
Earth w/ Eagle Twin, Stebmo @ Record Bar on 11/19
Titus Andronicus w/ Ceremony @ Jackpot on 11/20
Megadeth (performing all of Countdown To Extinction) w/ Kyng @ Midland on 11/28
The Sword w/ Gypsyhawk, American Sharks @ Record Bar on 12/03
Speedwolf w/ Meat Shank, Vanlade @ Riot Room on 12/05
Lamb of God w/ In Flames, Hellyear, Sylosis @ Uptown Theater on 12/08
High on Fire w/ Goatwhore @ Riot Room on 12/10

I'll try to get to as many of these as possible, but I will 100% be at Skeletonwitch, Speedwolf and High on Fire!

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Cde. Soleil said...

This list looks familiar!