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Friday, November 21, 2008

Hate Eternal -- Lawrence, KS -- November 21st, 2008

I'm going to try and keep this clean. Kinda mad about tonight's concert. You can definitely find an unclean version of this review if you look hard enough.

Hate Eternal - 8.5/10
All Shall Perish - 5/10
Animosity - 4/10
Annotations Of An Autopsy - 3/10

AOAA is basically an English version of Waking The Cadaver. Terrible, contains mostly breakdowns, "bree bree" vocals, scene kids love it.

Animosity, to their credit, has alright instrument players, but the vocalist is god-awful. Terribly in the middle between high screams and low growls, but he settles most of the time for bree bree vocals or an almost nu-metal type scream. Scene kids love it.

All Shall Perish, at times, were enjoyable. The guitarists really have some talent and had some nice solos but, once again, it devolved into more breakdown, bree bree garbage. Scene kids love it.

The first, last, and only metal band (aka the only band with true talent that didn't rely on a gimmick) was Hate Eternal. Terrible sound quality at first really didn't stop them and they ended up being awesome, just like back in February. They played Catacombs, which is always good. Erik Rutan really is a metal god and he deserves every ounce of respect he garners.

Hate Eternal:

Hell Envenom
Whom Gods May Destroy
Behold Judas
The Obscure Terror
The Bringer Of Storms
To Know Our Enemies
Powers That Be
I, Monarch
King Of All Kings

Not really going to comment on the crowd aside from the fact that they were terrible. I cannot wait until the "deathcore" fad dies out.

I left before Job For A Cowboy.

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