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Monday, February 8, 2010

Mastodon returns. AGAIN.

Mastodon was here last October with Dethklok, High on Fire, and Converge. The show was awesome.

They were also here in August or September at the Granada.

And I know for a fact that they've played The Granada again at least once (with Converge) and The Bottleneck at least once opening for someone.

Well, they're back.

The Volcom Tour at Liberty Hall on May 16th (that's 6 days after Converge + Coalesce at the Bottleneck)

Between The Buried And Me
Valient Thorr


1 comment:

Matt said...

I'm really excited for this show. I LOVE Baroness and dig Mastodon quite a bit too. Baroness blew me away this past November at the Riot Room.

I've heard of, but never actually heard these two other bands....either of them worth checking out?