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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Title Fight -- Lawrence, KS -- February 4th, 2010

A pretty good night for only $10! Lots of good bands and the crowd was pretty good as well. Great, fun music with friendly moshing and dancing.

The first band was Can't Stop. They play pretty standard punk music that delves sometimes into hardcore. I think it would've been much better, but the band didn't seem to interested or excited for the show. And the singer didn't do clean vocals very well at all. Not terrible, but not really good either. 7/10

Holy crap! The next band was The Runaway Sons. Before I left for the show, I was checking out the bands myspace ( and my good friend Dan is their guitarist! I got there and caught up with him and his band put on probably the best performance of the night! They're an old school garage punk rock band that's bursting with energy. Lots of singalongs from the crowd. It was fantastic! I got their debut EP after the show and Dan gave me some stickers and buttons too! What a pal. 9/10

They played:

Kathleen Turner Overdrive
Jerk and Gyrate
Dr. Phil Harmonic
Loud Louder Loudest

among others.

The headlining band was Title Fight. It was an offdate from a bigger tour, yet they didn't grace the stage for longer than any of the opening bands. That's alright, though. They are a melodic hardcore/pop punk (not a dirty genre) band that can write catchy songs, but in a live setting, they can be kind of predictable. The crowd was pretty crazy throughout the performance, moshing, dancing, singing along, and there was even some stage diving. It was pretty entertaining. 8/10

They played:

Memorial Field
Loud and Clear

among others.

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