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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hammerlord -- Lawrence, KS -- August 20th, 2010

...after what seemed like an entertaining eternity, a surprisingly large crowd was still intact for my two favorite KC-area local bands: Hammerlord and Troglodyte. You wouldn't think a speed/thrash metal band would go good with a deathgrind band, but you can't help but bang your head with a smile to each band.

Trog took the stage first. The sound at the Jackpot sounded great, even better than the Bane show before it. Although some of the mic cables were sketchy, it hardly mattered. It felt good to finally hear some death grunt vocals, and Trog are some of the best at it. Opening with "Beaten and Eaten", Trog ripped through a ton of their songs (although ignoring my two favorites: "They Walk Among Us" and "Don't Go In The Woods...") including fan favorites "Ric Flair's Hair" and "The Only Good Hippie Is A Dead Hippie." They played a couple I haven't heard before which sounded great as well. They got a fantastic response and it showed on their performance. Great stuff overall. 9/10

Setlist included:

Skunk Ape Rape
Ric Flair's Hair
The Only Good Hippie Is A Dead Hippie
Die When You Die (GG Allin cover)

The last time I tried to catch a headlining Hammerlord show, it got cut short because of time. Fortunately, we didn't have that problem tonight, and it was literally probably the best performance I've seen at the Jackpot and one of the most fun I've seen from any band, local or national. I've said it time and time again, but to say the members of Hammerlord are talented at what they do would be the understatement of the year. The guitarists, Ty and JP, traded solo's a la Slayer, except I don't think Slayer could handle the insane amount of tapping and intricate guitar solo's. Absolutely jaw-dropping. I also finally got to hear "Metalization" for so long and I screamed along with Stevie and we headbanged together. Coolest dude ever! If there's one thing you should take away from this review, it should be that Hammerlord are one of the best metal bands in the country today. Period. They are professionals at what they do, they have mind-boggling talent, and in a live setting, they are nigh-unmatched. Bang the head that doesn't bang! 10/10


Creating Destruction
Dead City Radio
Storm The Castle
Tombstone Piledriver
Anomaly Rue
Demon Fever
Wolves At War's End

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YES! said...

The Lord slayed. Trog was great too! Can't wait for Hammerween!