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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Upcoming concert: The best show in Kansas City in at least 13 years

This deserves its own post. One of the biggest bands in music history will make their triumphant return to the Kansas City area since 2000. And what's awesome is that MEGADETH will be opening. They'll decimate Kansas City on September 7th at the Sprint Center. I don't need to tell you who the are - you should already know. Tickets go on sale in May at


BreadGod said...

Wish I could be there.

CH said...

It's about time! Saw them at the show in 2000 and in like '92 or so. Last time I saw them was at Ozzfest '05 in San Bernadino, CA when that bithc Sharon Osbourne had them egged. Still feel screwed over about that, considering how much money I had to spend to go there.