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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Soilwork -- Kansas City, MO -- March 12th, 2009

More of a review than setlists.

Got to the venue at about 6, but didn't get out of my car until about 6:30. It was a coooold, cold day. And I STILL had to wait outside for half an hour. But it was worth it.

The first act was local band Serated. It was appropriate that their singer wore a Slipknot shirt, as the last half of their set could be mistaken for them. At times they kind of went into a halfway decent melodeath/thrash groove, but at least 2 of the songs had the kind of spoken vocals/rapping thing.

The first band I came to see, Swallow the Sun, were next. Very heavy and very awesome, although the sound mix was kind of crappy. Couldn't really hear the guitars too well until near the end of their set. These guys were awesome. They really need to tour the states some more.

Partial/Out Of Order setlist:

Don't Fall Asleep (Horror Pt. 1)
Plague Of Butterflies


Oh man. Anyone who says Warbringer isn't a real thrash band or are posers has obviously never seen Warbringer live. They are just thrash as hell and absolutely outstanding live. They played a lot off their new album but it sounds sick. Can't wait for it.


Total War
Severed Reality
At The Crack Of Doom
??? (New song)
Combat Shock

Darkane played as a 4-piece tonight, but their guitarist is a monster. Crazy awesome solos, and they surprised me. They were a lot better than I thought they were gonna be. Aside from a couple of songs with stupid breakdowns in them, they were extremely enjoyable.


Leaving Existence
Fading Dimensions
Chaos Vs. Order
Execution 44
Secondary Effects
Innocence Gone

Oh boy. Soilwork. I wasn't even going to stay for them, but I heard that they were playing good songs on this tour, so I gave them a shot. I didn't stay for the whole thing. Actually, I think Soilwork would be a lot better suited for a mainstream tour, like Ozzfest or Mayhem Tour. But here, i just didn't get them. Clean vocals + metalcore parts just overshadows the parts I heard that could've been decent. I left about halfway through their set.


Overall, a very good concert for under 20 bucks. Looking forward to seeing Warbringer again in a week or so with EXODUS!

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