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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lamb Of God -- Kansas City, MO -- April 29th, 2009

True metal police, just go ahead and ignore this review. Also, I didn't bother taking down sets because I seriously doubt they've changed over the other dates, so I'll be using those sets.

After standing in rain for almost an hour, I got into the venue which quickly filled to capacity. And we were in for a treat!

God Forbid was the first band to play and got a huge reaction. To be honest, there were some parts of their songs that were pretty good; had some good guitar solos too. But it relied way too much on the metalcore sound. The crowd ate it up, however. Pretty entertaining and loud.

Star Wars Intro
War of Attrition
Empire of the Gun
End of the World

The band I came to see, Municipal Waste, was up next. They were plagued with a weak sound, maybe in part because they were the only band on the bill tonight with only one guitarist? And the crowd was extremely unresponsive until about 3 songs in when Tony started joking around with the crowd. By the end of the set we got a pretty good circle pit going. Municipal Waste is thrash as hell, naysayers be damned. They were great, but they should get on a tour that would attract people that actually want to see them. I really, really look forward to them again. Great fun.

1.Sadistic Magician
2.The Thrashin Of The Christ
3.Headbanger Face Rip
4.(New Song)?
5.Mind Eraser
6.Terror Shark
7.Beer Pressure
8.Unleash The Bastards

When I saw Children of Bodom back in September, they really surprised me by how much energy they had. That, and their goofy songs, made for one helluva show. However, Alexi Laiho was very stagnant and barely even moved away from the mic. Apparently four days ago, he fell off his bunk and broke his shoulder. He's been playing the shows since with a broken shoulder! :light: That gives Alexi a pass for maybe flubbing some of the solos (which were still excellent by the way), but the sound mix for Bodom was horrid from where i was standing. Everything was muddled into eachother. By the time it seemed to fix itself, it was the lats song for them. An off night for Bodom. Good, but could've been a lot better. Gotta give props to Alexi, though.

1.Silent Night, Bodom Night
2.Hate Me!
3.Hellhounds On My Trail
4.Living Dead Beat
5.Angels Don't Kill
6.Bodom Beach Terror
7.In Your Face

Now, this is where the true metal police would beat me. One of the best bands tonight was As I Lay Dying. Yes, you heard that right. They are metalcore, but they also add in elements of thrash and death and the vocalist isn't half-bad. They play kind of that old-school metalcore that actually uses breakdowns well (weird, right?) and they were by far the most energetic band of the night. Really good, and I'd like to see them again.

Through Struggle
Nothing Left
An Ocean Between Us
Empty Hearts
Within Destruction
Meaning In Tragedy
The Sound Of Truth
94 Hours

Lamb Of God got the hugest reaction of the night. The crowd loved them, and as much as I hate to say it, they are more than likely my generation's biggest metal band. In a few years, I wouldn't doubt they'll be headlining arena tours. Some of their songs had great hooks that really stuck with you (Set To Fail, Laid To Rest) but some of them just felt really same-y. The aggression with which the songs were fired, though, made up for it. Very impressive.

(The Passing)
In Your Words
Set to Fail
Walk with Me in Hell
Now You've Got Something to Die For
Dead Seeds
Blacken the Cursed Sun
-Mark Morton solo-
Broken Hands
Laid to Rest


Black Label

Overall, I'm really glad I went. All good bands.

Ratings (oh jeeze)

God Forbid - 7/10
Municipal Waste - 9/10
Children Of Bodom - 7.5/10
As I Lay Dying - 8.5/10
Lamb Of God - 8/10

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