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Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Black Dahlia Murder -- Lawrence, KS -- March 13th, 2010

I got to the venue a little after seven and there was quite a line out the door. It's been a loooooong time since I've stood in a line to get into the Bottleneck, and even longer since it's been for a metal show. While I was in line, the guys from Elctrikchair ( were selling their album in line, and I bought it. Plan to give it a good spin over the next few days, I've been meaning to check them out for a while.

The first band on stage was Hatesphere from Denmark. The guys in this band were so happy to be here in the states on a tour and playing metal. They kept smiling all the time and messing around with the crowd. They were probably most similar to The Black Dahlia Murder in terms of sound, just kind of a straight-up melodic death metal band. A couple good thrashy parts and some not-too-terrible breakdowns and they definitely won the crowd over. They exceeded my expectations a bit and I'd definitely like to see them again.

It took a while for Augury to warm up the crowd musically, but their mainman won over the crowd immediately after they heard the wacky French-Canadian open his mouth: "LET'S GET NAKED!" he screams at the interlude to one of his songs. Stuff like that just made Augury fun to watch, but at times the technicality bordered on WAY over-the-top, and the so-so sound mix didn't help either, but they were still a blast to watch. A couple pits near the end of their set helped solidify their set as a win.

More people than I assumed showed up and were stoked for Germany's Obscura, and it really showed. I even saw a couple people screaming the words! And really: when you have two ex-members of Necrophagist and the current bassist for Pestilence on one stage, you have probably one of the greatest technical death metal shows on the planet in front of you. The technicality of these four guys was just stupid-good. Fretless basses are one of God's greatest gifts to Earth. Before "Incarnated", Steffen said that his favorite Death albums were Individual Thought Patterns, Symbolic, and The Sound Of Perseverance. It's safe to say that had Chuck Schuldiner not been taken from this Earth much, much too soon, Death would sound exactly like Obscura (at least for that song) today. They did Chuck proud. I am already jonesing for them to be back.

This was my fifth time seeing The Black Dahlia Murder. FIVE TIMES! But also the first time where I paid to see them specifically, not as an opening act (Children of Bodom tour) or solely for one of their opening acts (Hate Eternal), and they just never disappoint. This was really one of the crazier shows I've been to, in terms of the crowd. The people went full steam the entire time, with tons of moshing, circle pits, stage divers, and crowd surfers. The band loved it and encouraged it more and more. They played a great selection of older material and several prime cuts off their latest album. Their new guitarist, Ryan Knight (ex-Arsis) was great as well. And Trevor Strnad has the best vocals for any metalcore/deathcore band ever (except I thinkg TBDM is melodic death metal now). Tons of fun and I'll always be looking forward to them again.


Partial/Out of Order:

The Fallen Shall Rise In A Pool Of Blood
Reaper Of Life
The Coming Of Chaos
Drinking With The King Of The Dead
Cloaked In Shit (maybe)


Partial/Out of Order:

Simian Cattle
Faith Puppeteers
and some more!


The Anticosmic Overload
Choir Of Spirits
Universe Momentum
Desolate Spheres
Centric Flow (maybe?)
And one off their first album

The Black Dahlia Murder

Same set as before, but songs were switched around. Songs were:

Unhallowed/Funeral Thirst
A Vulgar Picture
Everything Went Black
Black Valor
Christ Deformed
Elder Misanthropy
Closed Casket Requiem
I'm Charming
What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse
Statutory Ape
Denounced, Disgraced
Deathmask Divine
I Will Return

Hatesphere: 8/10
Augury: 8/10
Obscura: 9/10
The Black Dahlia Murder: 8.5/10

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