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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Misery Index -- Lawrence, KS -- March 4th, 2010

First band stuck out like a sore thumb. Stull is from Lawrence, and they play sludge/doom. And not very good either, so it made it twice as agonizing as it should've been. There were a couple parts where it sounded pretty good and heavy, but in the end, they played for way too long and were just flat-out boring.

The next local band was No Master, and they're your typical straight-up crust punk/grind band. Lots of people moving around for them, but they didn't have too much variation in their music. Lots of energy, but something just didn't click all the way with their set. I would love to see them again, however.

The special treat for us in Lawrence tonight was certainly Magrudergrind. It's been a long time since they've played here. Magrudergrind is one of the premier power violence/grindcore bands today that really invoke the sound of bands before them to show that they mean business. The set lasted 20 minutes, but they blazed through a ton of songs, including "Emo Holocaust" and "The Protocols of Anti-Sound". "Anti-Sound" is the greatest way of describing Magrudergrind to someone, right after "bursting at the seams with energy". Insane mosh pits, stage diving, broken noses, but smiles for everyone. Absolutely a blasty blast.

After that amazing output of pure insanity, it was a bit hard for Misery Index to follow-up, but they did a decent job. It was a bit refreshing to hear some good ol' death metal, and they were plenty fast and plenty loud. Some people had left after Magrudergrind, but the people left made it worth it for Misery Index. Got a couple of cuts off their upcoming album, and touched on all of their albums before it about equally. A fun time; Misery Index never lets down.

Misery Index: 8.5/10
Magrudergrind: 9/10
No Master: 7.5/10
Stull: 4/10

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