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Friday, April 16, 2010

Summer Slaughter 2010 details

Surprised and disappointed at the same time.

Decapitated - Great to see them, and even though they probably won't be nearly as good as they were on the first Summer Slaughter, it'll be fun to see them.

The Faceless - Summer Slaughter is no longer Necrophagist's tour, it is now The Faceless' tour. They're perfectly fine, but Summer Slaughter should be reserved for other bands that don't get around as often as The Faceless.

All Shall Perish - Bored me the last time I saw them, but lots of people really like them, especially live. Maybe it'll be different.

The Red Chord - Heard outstanding things about their live show, but I've never been able to get into them at all.

Veil of Maya - Your run of the mill melodeath/metalcore/deathcore. Boring.

Cephalic Carnage - Could be a much better choice, but Cephalic Carnage will definitely be fun. SS needs as much grind as it can get at this point.

Decrepit Birth - Cool. Another fun band. Straight up death metal.

Carnifex - And now we see that the people behind Summer Slaughter are really reaching for strings. A trendy deathcore band. Worst band on this tour.

Animals As Leaders - Very weird. Instrumental progressive death metal. Actually not that bad, but definitely out of place at Summer Slaughter. A wasted slot.

Vital Remains - Probably the band I'm most excited about on this tour, but they're the lowest billed band. How is a legendary death metal band that's been around for 20 years that featured Glen Benton on vocals for their best albums and has ex-members from Suffocation, Monstrosity, Dying Fetus, Acheron, Incantation and Vile be billed below a couple flavor of the month "core" bands? A huge shame, hopefully the running order changes.

Dates TBA. Summer Slaughter was at the Bottleneck in Lawrence in 2007 but hasn't been back since.

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