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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Weedeater -- Kansas City, MO -- April 2nd, 2010

Heaviest show of the year!

This was at the Record Bar in Kansas City. The sound was fantastic all night long. Definitely one of the best venue's I've ever been to for that size. They were even serving food! Maybe I'll get some next time...

Only disappointment of the night: Struck By Lightning didn't show. The guitarist for The Gates Of Slumber mentioned this ("They're stuck somewhere west of Cheyenne...there's a country song in there somewhere...") but it didn't hinder the show too much. Once it started, it didn't let up a bit.

First band was The Gates Of Slumber from Indianapolis. Also the only band of the night with solo's! They were pretty different from the other bands, as they were mostly straight up heavy metal. They ruled. What they lacked in overbearing heaviness of the other bands, they made up for by making everyone bang their heads. It was like Black Sabbath was on stage in front of us!

Their set included Beneath The Eyes of Mars, The Doom of Aceldama and Blood And Thunder

Next was Black Tusk. They had great stage presence and it was neat how even their drummer provided vocals. Definitely heavy, even though the sound wasn't as clear as the band before. They went from song to song so there was a steady stream of metal at all times. I hope they come back soon with another killer tour.

The real star of the night was the bassist for Weedeater, Dixie Collins. The ex-Buzzov*en mainman is extremely entertaining to watch and he's one of the best bassists I've seen live! He was all over the place and the insane actions he did on stage only mirrored what were some of the best live extreme metal vocals I've ever been privileged to hear. He even had a cup holder on the side of his amp with a bottle of cough syrup in it which he sipped from often. The demeanor only matched the music which might have been the loudest and heaviest band I've seen in years. They started off with "God Luck and Good Speed" and after that it was just a torrent of the sludgiest, dirtiest metal you'd ever hear. Other songs were Bull, Wizard Fight, For Evan's Sake, $20 Peanut, and Weed Monkey. I really hope they come back really soon.

The Gates Of Slumber: 9/10
Black Tusk: 8.5/10
Weedeater: 9/10

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