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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ben Folds -- October 22, 2008 -- Kansas City, MO

2 hours and 27 songs later, Ben Folds left another mark on the Kansas music scene. His second performance in Kansas City this year was opened by Australia pop-artist Missy Higgins. Her music more than once dipped into semi-country and sometimes reminded me of a female Johnny Cash. She multi-tasked: she played the acoustic guitar on some songs, the piano on others. Her guitar came through clear the entire time, but the keyboard seemed a bit muted at times. Missy's accent made her songs that more memorable, and the crowd was very receptive. She played her songs for 45 minutes and then made way for the real reason everyone was there that night.

Set included:

Going North
Ten Days
The Sound Of White


An ominous recording of a chant came over the speakers for what seemed like an eternity, but finally, Mr. Folds & Co., which included two more instrumentalists aside from the bassist and drummer, took the darkened stage. They opened with the fake song, Way To Normal. Explanation: A couple weeks before Ben Folds' latest album, Way To Normal, was released, he released a “leaked” version. This version had all songs with the same title on the actual CD, but different song. Except the song Way To Normal, which stayed on the fake album, even though the real album still retains the title. Confused yet? Don't worry, Mr. Folds explained it thoroughly to the crowd throughout the night. The main set was loaded with every song from the new album except for Errant Dog, and almost every song except Brainwascht had its fake version played as well. A couple oldies were thrown in as well, but the new songs are poised to be classic Ben Folds staples. The piano did seem a little muted late into the set and the bass way too powerful, but it was quickly remedied. Also: The crowd ate everything up the musicians on-stage threw at them. And we loved it. The first encore included a very rare Ben Folds Five song, Fair, and the should-be new closer to concerts, the fake version of The Frown Song. A man wearing a giant sad face mask joined Ben on stage while he sang how music “has the power” to change the world. Of course, the crowd wanted more, so Ben came back once more for the crowd-interacting epic “Not The Same”. This was my fourth time seeing Ben Folds, second this year, and the man continually out-does himself each time. Can't wait until he comes back.

Highlights: The Frown Song, Fair, Brainwascht, The Frown Song (fake)

He keeps getting better each time I see him!

Way To Normal (fake)
You Don't Know Me (feat. Missy Higgins)
Doctor Yang (fake)
Doctor Yang
Annie Waits
The Frown Song
Bitch Went Nuts
Kylie From Connecticut
Free Coffee
Free Coffee (fake)
Hiroshima (B-B-B-Benny Hit His Head)
Zak And Sara
Bitch Went Nuts (fake)
Still Fighting It
Philosophy (Inc. Misirlou & Dr. Pyser)
Rockin' The Suburbs
The Frown Song (fake)
Not The Same


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