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Friday, October 31, 2008

Blackest Of The Black -- Kansas City, MO -- October 31st, 2008


1) Upon Wings of Black
2) East Into The Open Sea
3) Sacrifice for the Slaughtergod
4) Beyond the Permafrost
5) Soul Thrashing Black Sorcery
6) Within My Blood


Winds Of Plague:

1) A Cold Day In Hell
2) Anthems of the Apocalypse
3) Angels of Debauchery
4) Origins and Endings
5) Decimate the Weak
6) The Impaler



I know they played Night Eternal and ended with Full Moon Madness. Probably the same as other dates.


Dimmu Borgir:

Songs I remember:

The Serpentine Offering
Spellbound (By The Devil)
Mourning Palace (ended with this)
Kings Of The Carnival Creation
Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse
The Sacreligious Scorn
and then that one song where Shaggrath sings in a robot voice and counts down in the beginning



I'm almost positive it's the same as the other lists:

1. Wotan’s Procession/Skin Carver
2. Twist of Cain
3. Am I Demon
4. Tired of Being Alive
5. Her Black Wings
6. Devil’s Plaything
7. Left Hand Black
8. How The God’s Kill
9. Brand New God
10. Satan’s Crucifiction
11. Black Mass
12. Lilin
13. Black Angel, White Angel
14. Mother
15. ???
16. She Rides
17. Dirty Black Summer



1. Skeletonwitch was fantastic and Moonspell was the second best band of the day.
2. Winds of Plague was terrible.
3. Dimmu Borgir got kind of boring. I'll take my black metal Dark Funeral style.
4. Danzig is a helluva performer. I really enjoyed him


The whole crew behind the scenes had on corpsepaint. When Winds Of Plague played, they dressed up. The vocalist and one of the guitar players had on corpsepaint, and then it hit me. They were dressed up as black metal people! The vocalist had corpsepaint exactly like Gaahl's and the guitar player was Abbath. I wanna say that the bass player was Maniac, but i'm not sure. The keyboard chick was in a nun costume.

On the other hand, Dimmu did NOT play with corpsepaint!

And, is it just me, or do black metal guys have REALLY huge foreheads when not wearing their paint?

Merch purchased:

Skeletonwitch shirt
Skeletonwitch patch
Skeletonwitch sticker
Skeletonwitch button

good concert.

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