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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Skipping Kansas: too much!

I've seen the history of places like the Static Bar and the Bottleneck back in the day. It's depressing how many awesome metal tours now skip over this part of the states.

Ensiferum recently announced a US tour with Hypocrisy (who have tapped Children of Bodom frontman Alexi Laiho as a touring guitarist!), Ex Deo (Kataklysm frontman's side band), and Black Guard (formerly: Profugus Mortis). The fantastic pagan tour 's closest KC-area date is most likely Texas or Minnesota.

The first pagan tour of 2010 was announced, yet is nowhere near us KC folk. Korpiklaani will be hitting the road with Tyr, and support will come from Swashbuckle and White Wizzard. Closest date looks to be Tulsa, OK at the Flytrap Music Hall on January 23rd.

And last but not least, Dying Fetus will not be coming here on their first tour supporting their amazing new album, "Descend Into Depravity", although more dates are rumored to be announced. Co-headlining will be The Faceless, and support will come from (on select dates): Vital Remains, Beneath The Massacre, Annotations of an Autopsy, and Enfold Darkness. Looks like the closest current date is Denver, CO on November 18th.

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