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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

mc chris -- Lawrence, KS -- October 13th, 2009

I Fight Dragons is a fun band who plays pop punk/rock with chiptunes. They've also modified several NES/SNES/Power Glove/Guitar Hero controllers to create different sounds. Infectious as hell, I can't wait to see them again. 8/10

Don't You?
Heads Up, Hearts Down
The Faster The Treadmill...
Work It (new song)
No One Likes Superman Anymore
I Fight Ganon (Legend Of Zelda theme)

3rd time seeing Whole Wheat Bread, and they never disappoint. Pretty much the same set as last time, but a longer hip-hop section. It was all great. When they're punk, they're punk as hell. And when they're crunk, they're crunk as hell. 8.5/10

Ode 2 Father
Throw Your Sets Up
Never Scared (cover)
I Don't Give A Fuck (cover)
Girlfriend Like This
Rapping part!
Old Man Samson
Catch 22
Lower Class Man
Police Song
Bombs Away

Third time seeing mc chris as well. He played a ton of songs, most of them new. But that's okay, because all his songs are pretty catchy and fun to listen to. Crowd was alright, could've been better. Before "mc chris is dead" he threw out a group of frat boy douchebags because they kept calling him a homo everytime songs ended. Other than that, it was a great time. 8/10

Smokin' 40's and Drinkin' Blunts
White Kids Love Hip-Hop
pizza butt
Rant about his girlfriend!
? (new)
Tractor Beam
10 Year Old
Juggalo rant!
nrrd grrl
mc chris is dead
IG-88's '57 Chevy
Fett's Vette

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