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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Skelator -- Kansas City, MO -- June 29th, 2010

Heavy metal is alive and still killing posers, everywhere it goes!

Tonight's show just proves once again how diverse and awesome Kansas City's metal scene is and just how good they all go together. Throw in a true metal band from out of town, and you've got a good night and a sore neck tomorrow.

First band was Meatshank from KC. If thrash breaks are illegal drugs, Meatshank are Colombian druglords. They play thrash faster, heavier, and more evil than your typical "Big Four" bands. The solo's are more technical, the bass is more hard-hitting, and the drums are just off the wall. Equal parts thrash and death and everything is great. Can't wait to see them again.

Back from a big ol' tour, Vanlade tore it up next. One of my favorite local bands, this was definitely the best time I've seen them. The bass sounded especially good and heavy this time around. Brett Scott on vocals sounded better than ever before and his range is getting more and more impressive. Still salivating for more Vanlade.

All the way from Washington, Skelator is real heavy metal and they don't mess around. They draped banners over the amps, waved around a "Skelator" flag and even started the show waving a giant broadsword around. They sounded like a current version of Grave Digger or Accept or Manowar or all of them combined. Epic stuff, awesome solo's, and lots of headbanging. They also did a cover which I can't recall, but it was by Jack Starr or one of his bands. Awesome!

Surprisingly, Skelator did not close out the show. Crossover thrash dudes Shred Scare from KC ended the night on a high, and obscenely loud, note. The guitars dominated everything for the first song, but after that things started to even out pretty well. Played an obscenely short set. Shorter than usual. It's not often you get D.R.I.-esque thrash played for you at a tiny venue. Bring on more Shred Scare!

Meatshank included:


Vanlade included:

Blood Eagle
Life By the Blade
Breaking The Law (Accept cover)

Skelator included:

Death To The False
Time Of The Sword Rulers
You Traveled Many Miles (For A Heavy Metal Show)

Shred Scare included:

World War Brew

Meatshank: 9/10
Vanlade: 9/10
Skelator 8.5/10
Shred Scare: 8/10

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