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Monday, June 21, 2010

Skipping Kansas: Sleep

Legendary stoner metal band Sleep (featuring Matt Pike of High on Fire and Al Cisneros of Om and Jason Roeder of Neurosis) have a US tour lined up, but nowhere near here...or a lot of places.

Sep. 03 - All Tomorrow's Parties - Monticello, NY
Sep. 07 - Starlight Ballroom - Philadelphia, PA
Sep. 08 - Brooklyn Masonic Temple - New York, NY (w/ LICHENS)
Sep. 09 - Logan Square Auditorium - Chicago, IL (w/ LICHENS)
Sep. 10 - Mohawk - Austin, TX (w/ SUB OSLO)
Sep. 11 - Roseland Theater/Music Fest NW - Portland, OR (w/ SCOTT KELLY, YOB)
Sep. 12 - Regency Ballroom - San Francisco, CA

I hope they realize that there's enough genuine interest in the band and their music that they don't need to be a destination/nostalgic touring band and have weird routed tours.

But oh well.

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