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Monday, May 10, 2010

Converge canceles date in Lawrence tonight.

Hey everyone -

What a tour...

First thing:
We lost Lewd Acts due to some conflicts within the band.
Our friends Touche Amore are taking their place for a bit on the tour...

As some of you know, our van's transmission died the other day in Cleveland, OH. With our luck, it died early on a Saturday morning, making an immediate repair impossible.

We ended up ditching our van and gear and renting a minivan to make it to our Detroit and Chicago shows.

Our pal Pettibone from Heiress is sitting tight with the van in Cleveland until it's road worthy. Once it's ready to go, he will be driving to meet us so we can continue the tour. In order for him to catch up with us safely, we have been forced to pull out of the 5/10 (Lawrence, KS) and 5/11 (Denver, CO) shows.

THESE TWO SHOWS WILL CONTINUE with our friends Coalesce headlining with support from Black Breath and Touche Amore. Be sure to attend these shows and support these great bands.

We will rejoin the tour in Seattle on 5/13.
We will also look to make up these two dates later this year as well.

That's about it for now, thanks.

- Converge dudes.

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