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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Havok -- Kansas City, MO -- May 14th, 2010

I guess I have a new favorite new thrash band. Havok is what all newer thrash bands should strive to sound like, at least in the live sense. Even though they were missing their lead guitarist and the rhythm guitarist had to learn all the solos that morning, they sounded great and had amazing energy and really got the crowd going. I can only imagine how good they'd sound with a full band. They did a killer cover of Slayer's Postmortem as well. The stuff from the new album was fantastic, too.

Partial/out of order set:

The Root Of All Evil
The Path To Nowhere
Morbid Symmetry
D.O.A. (new song)
Postmortem (Slayer cover)

But after last night, I'm convinced that Kansas City and the surrounding area has some of the best local metal bands in the country right now. We got a pretty eclectic mix of bands last night and most of them are good friends with one another, so different members from different bands teamed up for lots of covers. It was epic.

First band up was Vanlade, my new favorite local band. They play old-school power/thrash/speed metal in the vein of Accept, Judas Priest, Helloween, etc. Their twin guitar attack is unmatched right now and they really know how to control a crowd. Most of the crowd was singing along, too. I really hope these guys get really huge.

Partial/out of order set:

Blood Eagle
Black Sails Cross The Seven Seas
Life By The Blade
Wings Of Fire

Meatshank was the next band. I'd heard about them a lot, but it was my first time seeing them. As a three-piece, they made as much noise as a full band and their guitarist is one of the most talented I've ever seen live. They play a style of death/thrash that was pretty refreshing. They brought on the bassist for Stonehaven (in full corpsepaint no less) to sing their song "Meatshank" and then brought on the guitarist from Vanlade for a couple of covers. It was all fantastic.

Partial/Out of Order set:

The Antichrist (Slayer cover) (as MeatVanHaven)
For Whom The Bell Tolls (Metallica cover) (as MeatVanHaven)

Kansas City has an awesome black/viking band. They dress up in animal pelts, chainmail and corpsepaint. And guess what? They're really, really good. If Enslaved never went progressive. If Windir was still alive. If Nocturno Culto would get up and do something. That's what Stonehaven sounds like. Pure Kansas City Black Metal.

Partial/Out of Order set:

Black Sails
Adorned In Frost

The last local band was Shred Scare. They sound like early D.R.I./Municipal Waste. Needless to say, there was lots of moshing and lots of screaming along with the band. They brought back the vocalist for Vanlade and, as VanScare, they did a great cover of Breaking The Law. These guys are going out on a huge tour soon, so I hope lots of people get exposed to this party metal band.

Partial/Out of Order set:

Bred to Shred
Thrash N' Burn
Breaking The Law (Judas Priest cover) (as VanScare)
World War Brew

Havok: 9/10
Shred Scare: 9/10
Stonehaven: 9/10
Meatshank: 9/10
Vanlade: 9/10

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