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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Vektor -- Kansas City, MO -- July 26th, 2010

Every so often, there is a concert where you have an absolute blast because you recognize all the songs, sing along with them, and actively engage with the performers on stage to make a night memorable. You leave the venue and you play the songs over and over in your head for the rest of the night and you can't listen to the album versions anymore without wishing you were back at that concert, banging your head and slamming with your friends in the pit.

And then there's a Vektor show.

The thing that makes Vektor stand heads and shoulders above the rest of the playing field is that while they are perfect on album, they are above perfect on stage. They recreate each piece of art (I refuse to call them just "songs") down to its most minuscule details and makes them even better on stage. Every song they perform (tonight was all from the best thrash metal album of at least the past ten years, "Black Future") is instantly recognizable and catchy in its own way. Not once are you left wondering which song they're playing or when they're going to get to a song you recognize. "Black Future" is a masterpiece, the musicians who performed it are geniuses, and to see them perform these amazing musical achievements live is something everyone should be truly grateful for.

Each song was memorable in its own right, but each song also had moments in them that stood out. Screaming along with "Black Future", wondering in amazement how someone could make such a beautiful song during "Accelerating Universe", and opening up the pit with friends during "Hunger For Violence" just to name a few. I won't say it's just the small things that made Vektor so good, but every single movement of every single song was just absolutely mind-blowing. Without a doubt, Vektor is the absolute best live band that is touring these days, not just because of their technical ability, but because these songs sound even better live.

Talked with Blake (whom I told about how my grandparents know his family) and Erik afterwards. Apparently their next release is done being written and will be half new material, half re-recorded old material. Afterwards, they'll make the third album which may be a concept album.

I can't really do justice to the other bands tonight in this review. It wouldn't be fair:

Vanlade was really fun. Played a few songs I've never heard. "Life By The Blade" and "Blood Eagle" are still awesome to sing along with and their cover of "Breaking The Law" will always be fun.

Mitnal was kind of disappointing. The most one-dimensional guttural vocals I've ever heard and their music sounded more like a wall of noise. Had a few worthy moments.

The Tards were more clear sounding this time, but it just made me realize that they really want to emulate Kill 'Em All Metallica way too much.


Black Future
Forests Of Legend
Destroying The Cosmos
Accelerating Universe
Hunger For Violence

Vanlade included:

Blood Eagle
Life By The Blade
Breaking The Law (Judas Priest cover)

The Tards included:

Give Me The Guillotine

Vektor: 10/10 (tied with Celtic Frost for best live performance I've ever seen)
Vanlade: 9/10
Mitnal: 5/10
The Tards: 7/10

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