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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mandatory Metallica -- August 12th, 2008

Hero Of The Day
The Ecstasy Of Gold
My Friend Of Misery

"Hero..." is disgusting. Everything about it screams "This can't be Metallica". I said "What the hell is this?" out loud at least three times during this song. I wasn't even sure that they were playing Metallica for the longest time. It actually reminded me more of blink-182 for most of the song. Just bad.

I've never actually heard the studio recording for Ecstasy Of Gold, and it's kinda cool. Another solid instrumental song from Metallica. That's about it.

Another weak song. It's not that this song is particularly bad, it's just particularly bland. Nothing special about it at all. The bass does get kind of annoying for me, too.

I guess it's fitting that today is the worst Mandatory Metallica seeing as how yesterday's was the best.

1 comment:

David E. Waters said...

I enjoy your blog--interesting to hear a "new" fan's first impressions of Metallica songs. I would encourage you, maybe on your second go around, to listen to the songs album by album, and look at how the band and the songs change. Kill 'Em All is young, brash, with the band singing about headbanging, hitting the streets, etc. Ride the Lightning was an incredible leap from Kill 'Em All (and Metallica was accused of selling out even then, by having the "ballad" Fade to Black on the album, a song now considered one of their classics). Master of Puppets, perfected the direction Ride was going in. Elements of psychedelic music in this album, especially in Orion and in the slower parts of Puppets. $5.98 Garage Days Re-Revisited (a 5-song EP now on the Garage, Inc. compilation)--an easy way to break in new bassist Jason Newsted after the death of Cliff Burton. ...And Justice for All--probably the worst produced album, with little audible bass (Jason "Newkid" being pushed to the back of the mix). An angry album, again following Cliff's death.
And so on. Individual songs don't necessarily exist in a vacuum--they are part of larger works, larger albums, and many times need to be listened to in the context of that entire album. So, even with the songs you aren't a fan of at first, I'd suggest giving them another chance later.