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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Origin -- Lawrence, KS -- August 9th, 2008

Good God. This is how you do a metal show, people.

I first got there around 8:15 and I'm really glad because I missed local band Hester Prynne. Glad I did, because I saw them open for Hate Eternal back in February and they left a bad taste in my mouth. First band that was up was another local band called Wrath & Ruin. At first I didn't like them, but they grew on me. They're certainly a unique band, I'll give them that. No guitar player, only keyboards. What? Keyboards? At a death metal show? You better believe it. The best I can describe this band is three parts Sunn O)))/Earth, two parts Xasthur, one part Hatebreed (or some other band like that) and throw in the soundtrack to the film The Warriors. Seriously. It was a doom/hardcore band with crazy 80's B-movie keyboards. Weird, but somewhat good. 7/10

The first death metal band up was Abysmal Dawn. And they killed it. Pretty technical in their solos, crushing in their speed and delivery, this band would certainly steal the show on any other tour. They should get their asses back on the road and get bigger. Metal needs a band like Abysmal Dawn right now. 9/10

Partial Setlist:

Servants To Their Knees
Blacken The Sky (so good )
Programmed To Consume

Next was Misery Index. They KILLED it. Where Abysmal Dawn had technicality, Misery Index just made death metal to bang your damn head to. Definitely one of those bands you'd want to knock back beers with a couple of friends and then go break some faces in the mosh pit. I would love to see them again. 9/10

Partial Setlist:

Bottom Feeders
Ghosts Of Catalonia
The Great Depression

Now for the band of the hour: Origin. And they KILLED it. Originally from Kansas, it was awesome to know that a band that has toured far and wide and done such festivals like Hellfest came from so close to home. I'm going to go ahead and say this now: Origin is the best death metal band I've ever seen live, bar none. The bassist is insane, he went up and down his fretboard more times than I could count. The guitar player had some sick solos where he also did his fantastic vocals to it. The drummer is a damn machine. Literally, I thought it was a drum machine at some point. Stupid fast. And the vocalist. If i didn't know Dave Hunt of Anaal Nathrakh, my award for "Best Extreme Metal Vocalist" would definitely go to him. He can hit all sorts of highs and lows that metalcore and deathcore bands could only dream of. And this band knows how to play to the crowd and put on a great, entertaining show. And, as an added note, during Reciprocal (a personal favorite), I got into my first moshpit in about 3 years! :D 9/10

Partial Setlist:

The Burner
The Aftermath
Consuming Misery
Wrath of Vishnu

Best death metal concert I've ever been to. All bands were great and they should be much, MUCH more popular than they are now. They deserve it, and heavy metal needs them right now.

PS: The Jackpot is giving The Bottleneck a run for its money for best metal venue in Lawrence. :)


Abysmal Dawn

Misery Index


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