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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mandatory Metallica -- August 4th & 5th, 2008

Internets are screwy with me, pardon for the lack of updates.

Aug. 4:

Wherever I May Roam
Ride The Lightning

The first song I got into about halfway through. I feel like this is a pretty poor song. The guitars just sound kind of annoying to me. Maybe it's the key they're in sometimes? I dunno. The vocals during the chorus aren't really that good either. Ah well.

Helpless is even worse to me. I knew right away it was a cover. Call me old fashioned, but the time signature (I guess) is so weird on this song and I really didn't like it. It just seemed to go on and on too. A huge miss for me. The bass parts sometimes are really cool, however.

Ride the Lightning, while not my favorite from that album, is certainly good. I can kind of see why Metallica fans prefer James' voice from the first three albums. It fits this song perfectly. Face-melting solo, too!

Aug. 5

Of Wolf And Man
No Leaf Clover
Creeping Death

It took me a while to figure out the name of the first song, but I identified it about halfway through. I've been meaning to try this song because it reminds me of the song titles from Nattens Madrigal, hehe! Although, this song really isn't that great to me. Really boring.

No Leaf Clover was the S&M version. Blech. James sounds despicable here and lame. The music even has a terrible interlude with what sounds like a spoken part?! Ugh. This is not thrash or metal Metallica. Although:

Creeping Death:

'nuff said.

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