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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mandatory Metallica -- August 13th, 2008

Through The Never
Whiskey In The Jar

Through The Never isn't too bad. I can definitely it belongs on The Black Album. I kinda like the Black Album more than most people. A lot of the songs are pretty catchy, and this is no different. Not too bad!

Originally by Thin Lizzy, Whiskey In The Jar was the radio DJ's favorite off of Garage, Inc. and he said he shut off the phones during the song so he could listen to it! To me, this song has a kind of "Old Western" ting to it just a bit. It's very nice. I've never really listened to Thin Lizzy before, but the Metallica version of them certainly doesn't sound too bad!

Blackened: What can I say? It's an awesome song. The soft interlude leading to a nasty (in a good way) rest of the song is just great. I'm a sucker for those "soft beginning, hellaciously fast/heavy song" type of things. I do believe, however, that the drums could've done more and been more faster. That's why I prefer Slayer ultimately. Well, that among other things. :P Classic Metallica!

Couple notes:

1.) My internet should (although I'm still skeptical) be up for good tomorrow evening.
2.) There won't be a MM post for Thursday because I got caught up watching the Olympics and forgot to listen. Go USA!

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